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Covenant IT Services



Who we are !


Covenant IT Services has been a provider of quality computer services to home and business customers in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire since 1995.


When your home or business computer systems are not working the way they should, you want to deal with someone who is experienced, dependable, and will charge you a fair price for the computer repair performed. Whether it be an upgrade to your old system, buying a new system, computer repairs, networking, or software issues, Covenant IT Services has been doing it all since 1995. We have a database full of loyal customers who have come to expect excellent quality computer repairs and great customer service at a reasonable price.



What we do


Solutions For Homes And Small Businesses

  • Hardware and software computer repairs
  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Online and local backup solutions
  • Reinstall operating systems
  • Wired, wireless and wide area networking
  • Microsoft Outlook sharing
  • Computer forensics
  • Reliable "Covenant Custom Built" computer systems
  • Used computer sales


Purchase IDrive through Covenant IT Services


Backup your data safely in the cloud using IDrive online backup. With IDrive you can back up up to 2TB of data for less than $75 per year. Covenant IT offers two plans. You can purchase IDrive at cost and be responsible for managing your own data backups or for an extra $50 per year for a semi-managed solution. We will keep an eye on your backup to make sure your backups are happening on a regular basis.


One reason we chose IDrive is because it includes a snapshot feature. Instead of only storing the latest version of files, it allows you to restore from an earlier date. This is a useful feature if your data is encrypted by ransomeware and you need to restore earlier versions of files.


To purchase, please click here to purchase Idrive. If you want us to semi-manage your IDrive backup, call us at 978-372-7113


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